Captain and mates for your needs:

All our captains are USCG Merchant licensed, and our mates have the best training. Sometimes you just want to go for an outing in your beautiful yacht and not have to worry about cleaning, driving, docking or getting a drink. Hire our professional crew for a day or a long trip. This way you and your guest can take advantage of the benefits of owning a vessel and also enjoying it with your crew attending your every need.  

USCG Captain Lesson for Yacht Owners:

This is a 4 hour course I personally teach to new owners of vessels. In Florida you are not required to have a boating safety course and sometimes this causes new owners to make unintentional mistakes and end up damaging their boats and their wallets. I have taught many new owners and after the class they are informed as to how to drive a boat, how to read maps and have more confidence when navigating their new boat.

Yacht Brokerage:

Our brokers will provide all the necessary tools in order to find your boat, from small to big, no yacht is un-reachable to the future owner.

Shipping and Delivery:

After your purchase you might want to have your yacht delivered to your city, state, or country. Here is where we step in and worry about all the little things for you. From shrink wrapping, documentation and shipping to South America to securing a captain who will personally deliver your new yacht to you on the Northeastern Seaboard, we will take the burden off your shoulders and make the delivery of your new purchase one you will have NO WORRIES about.